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September 17, 2015


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Welcome to Orion’s Gate – a Mom & Pop ministry featuring The most highly dramatized books and audio productions of The Pilgrim’s Progress in the world. These productions are not only modernized in language but dramatized and enlarged without losing any of the original meaning intended by John Bunyan.

Our Guarantee:  You will find these modernizations of The Pilgrim’s Progress the most reader/listener-friendly versions  in the world. You will further find them superior in every aspect to any other new version of Bunyan’s works or your money back! 

Our most important production ever!
The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama
We guarantee that you will find this the most user-friendly dramatization of Pilgrim’s Progress on planet earth. Click HERE for a free download of the first 75 minutes of The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama and see if you don’t agree.

Hear a 26 minute sample

• This is a fully dramatized recording on 6 CDs featuring 77 actors with original music & sound effects
• Available on one MP3 disk
• Also available as an MP3 download.*
• And now available as a delightful book entitled The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress**.
All versions may be purchased at the  STORE

Our second most important production ever!
Christiana: The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama Part II

Hear 28 minute sample

• A fully dramatized recording on six CDs featuring 56 actors, original music and sound effects
• Available on one MP3 disk
• Also available as an MP3 download.*
• And as a delightful book entitled Christiana: The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress Part II**.

All versions may be purchased at the  STORE

* Download LINKS will be sent to you personally via email, usually within hours & certainly within one business day. If you don’t receive your link within these times check your spam folder.
**Please be aware that the amplified books were written a few years after the audio dramatizations were produced and do not correspond word for word with the recordings. In fact, a brief comparison of any scene with the original book by John Bunyan will reveal that the book version is even more highly enhanced than the recorded versions – Thus “The New Amplified” portion of the title.

Our third audio dramatization is The Story of Mary Magdalene. Offered under the title of He’s Waiting For You, Mary’s story is sure to deepen your love and admiration for Christ. An especially important message for young women.
• Available only as an MP3 download.*
May be purchased at the  STORE

Videos by Jim Pappas

• Mary’s Song, a filmic  productions based on Mary, the mother of Jesus. Click HERE to see the entire video for FREE.
If you prefer a physical copy it may be purchased at the  STORE

For Such a Time, a filmed stage production based on Queen Esther. View for FREE HERE. Don’t expect a big budget Hollywood production. This was produced by a collegiate drama team at a cost of $12,000. However, the character-building qualities of the story are still there in force. Worth your time.
If you prefer a physical copy it may be purchased at the STORE

More FREE Videos by Jim Pappas

Videos by Jim Pappas

The Prodigal was filmed some 10 years ago. See the entire Prodigal Son story portrayed in 1 day in the life of a child.

The Creative Eye – A visualization of Isaiah 53 by an all-volunteer professional cast and crew. Already viewed by tens of thousands. You are guaranteed to be deeply moved at this portrayal of God’s love.

THE CREATIVE EYE from Jim Pappas on Vimeo.

Below are some audio excerpts from The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama accompanied by classic period woodcuts.

The Pilgrim’s Progress Demo Video
A quick audio overview of the entire Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama accompanied by classic woodcuts from several famous 17th and 18th century artists.

Vanity Faire

Want to hear more? Try this snapshot taken from the Vanity Faire episode of The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama and accompanied by several classic woodcuts by artists from the 1600s. In this sampling you’ll see that in some situations – everything you say  will be misinterpreted and used against you. Especially true in Vanity Faire.  For someone on the strait and narrow way Vanity Faire is no place to linger.

At the House Beautiful

From time to time on our pilgrim journey we are brought face-to-face with life’s most painful questions. Do you have a loved one who has lost their way? Does their pain bring pain to your heart? Then you can relate to Christian’s feelings in this brief snippet from The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama.

The Slough of Despond

In the moments prior to this scene Pliable has been persuaded to join Christian on his journey to The Celestial City. His eyes sparkle with greed as his newfound friend tells him of the glorious kingdom soon to come. He presses on in eager anticipation until – that is – he finds himself struggling for life in the infamous Slough of Despond.

Fleeing from the city of Destruction

“He that loveth Father or Mother or family more than me is not worthy of me.” Sometimes personal conviction necessitates painful decisions. This SnapShot from The Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Drama series illustrates this concept.

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