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“Having heard so much about Pilgrims Progress, by John Bunyan, but never being able to understand fully what the essence was, I was delighted when one night I discovered Mr. Pappas’ retelling of the story and through his words a dream became reality for me. I started to read the free ‘online portion’ of the book and laughed and enjoyed it so that I sat reading until the early hours of the morning. When I got to the end of what I read I was more than anxious to get a complete copy, to continue the journey with Christian.
“Thank you Jim for restoring a valuable antique to reveal its real worth and beauty. Your work has made my life richer and I hope that anyone that reads your work will feel the same.”

Foxes` Book of Martyrs (A review of the original)
Pilgrim’s Progress has sold more copies, in more languages than any other non biblical book. “During his imprisonment he [John Bunyan] wrote that wondrous book [Pilgrim’s Progress] of which it may safely be affirmed that no other book except the Bible has been translated into so many languages, passed through so many editions, commanded so many millions of readers, or been useful to the spiritual welfare of such multitudes”
P. 670, Unabridged Edition

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