Jim Pappas

jimpappas_shadleftJim Pappas (B.A. Communications, M.A. Oral Interpretation/Story telling), is most widely known as the adaptor/ producer of The Pilgrim’s Progress AudioBook. Already owned by tens of thousands of families, this exciting set of six, hour-long CDs (or one MP3 CD) is presently the most complete, entertaining and thought-provoking audio enhancement of John Bunyan’s masterpiece in the world!

Jim is also known in the Northern California communities of Napa and Saint Helena as the writer/director of Company One, Inc. Under Jim’s 15 year leadership this collegiate Christian drama/mime ministry became well known for its innovative performance technique based on the stage style known as Reader’s Theatre.

Jim and his co-producer wife, Linda, now live in the forested foothills of Grass Valley, California where they research, write and produce their life-changing books, plays and audio dramatizations.

Jim’s present project is an audio dramatization based on the story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis. Presently still in the scripting stage, this project is assuming epic proportions and will probably be about 20 hours long. Filled with character building and life-changing principals for all ages this is a project that needs your prayer support.

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