Orion’s Gate

Orion’s Gate is a family owned production/publishing ministry specializing in family oriented Books, AudioBooks, Videos andDramas by Jim Pappas.

Our main product line clusters about modernized versions of the works of John Bunyan, champion of religious freedom.

Two of his life changing masterpieces, Pilgrim’s Progress Part IĀ and Christiana, Pilgrim’s Progress Part II have been adapted for production as Audio Dramas and their known audience already numbers in the tens of thousands.

Our market is admittedly a niche market but one that we aim to serve well. Our site features widely varied products for your families together-times, and new productions are coming on-line on a regular basis. So be sure to bookmark or link to us for an easy return.

We welcome distribution inquiries from churches, schools, stores and entrepreneurs.

Mission Statement
To provide homes, schools and churches with character building materials of a quality not commonly found elsewhere. It is our desire that each product we send out shall be “A doorway to forever.”