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This video production, based on traditional understandings of the gospel stories, is a must-see for principle-based families of all persuasions. With special relevance for home schoolers.

A young girl, perhaps barely in her teens, kneels for evening prayer. Suddenly she is aware of a presence in her room. A brilliant personage stands before her and her heart trembles within her.

“Fear not, Mary, for you are blessed above all women,” the angel begins.

The girl’s eyes adjust to the blinding light and the angel of God delivers the remainder of his stunning message.

Mary’s mission is to become the mother of the promised Redeemer. She accepts her commission, the angel fades from view, and Mary of Nazareth holds within her soul the greatest mystery of all eternity – that the Almighty God should become an unconscious babe and come to rest beneath a human heart.

Joseph! Joseph her betrothed husband! How can she tell him? Should she tell him? Before long she won’t need to tell him for the man has eyes.

The entire village has eyes. How can she endure to be counted by men as worthy of shame when she is counted by God as the most honored woman on earth … ?

This video production,based on traditional understandings of the gospels is a must see for principal-based families of all persuasions.

Based upon an original play by the same name, also by Jim Pappas. Follow the links to drama to learn how to download a copy of the script for use by your group.

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