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New Orion’s Gate Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress Book

For over 3 centuries “The Pilgrim’s Progress” was the best-selling non-Biblical book in the world. Now, in an exciting dramatized format, all the beloved elements of spiritual danger and physical combat are expanded and enhanced by screenwriter Jim Pappas. At double the length of the original, this is no mere rewording but rather a creative amplification that enlivens and clarifies the original as no other work has ever dared attempt. “The Pilgrim’s Progress: Amplified Version” will expand your thinking in spiritual directions as few other works can while satisfying your longing for excitement and adventure in the land of dreams. When Jim first read this to his 7 year old son the response was, “Read it again, Daddy.” Your children are sure to say the same. Enhanced with over 100 period woodcuts. A Coloring Book and a Dramatized Audio version are available.


* Easy to read modern and mature English
* Enhanced dialog throughout
* Packed with practical spiritual insights
* True-to-life situations & solutions
* Choice adventure scenes markedly amplified
* Absolutely unabridged

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