For Such A Time: The Story of Queen Esther

For Such A Time: The Story of Queen Esther


An enemy invasion of her small town robs a young Jewish girl named Hadassa of both mother and father. Suddenly she finds herself alone and adrift in a violent world. In the midst of her despair and helplessness the providence of God leads her to an elder cousin named Mordecai. He adopts her as his own and, in his home, her life resumes some sense of normalcy. That is until . . .

The kingdom is turned upside down.

At a banquet of supreme political importance King Ahasuerus commands the lovely Queen Vashti to appear at court to enhance his honor before his courtiers and officers with a display of her beauty. However, for reasons now lost in the sands of time, the queen chooses to disobey her lord the king. Suddenly and unexpectedly the leadership of the Persian empire is thrown into disarray and confusion.

What to do?

The king’s wisest counselors insist that the queen’s disobedience must be promptly dealt with. If not all the women in the kingdom will take license to do as she has done. This would result in chaos throughout his empire with unforeseeable evil results. The queen must be deposed – stripped of her honors – reduced to nothingness in the eyes of all the King’s subjects. So it was written and so it was done. Thus it is that . . .

The mother of all beauty pageants begins

Heralds from the throne fan out over the empire announcing the search for a new queen. Hadassa, already locally famous because of her radiant beauty, is appraised of the king’s search and is urged to present herself before the king’s men. Hadassa, however, has been raised to love and fear God and has no desire to be a Queen. The intrigues, dangers and temptations of court life hold no attractions for her and, together with Mordecai she formulates a plan to “disappear.” She dresses in the plainest garb, attempts to look as plain as she can and does her best to drop out of public view. But . . .

Pearls are hard to hide

The trouble is, Hadassa’s beauty has already been noticed by far too many of her neighbors and countrymen. Her chances of your remaining hidden are vanishingly slim. And, indeed, in time the king’s men come to her city, to her door, to her room. There are quick farewells, a gathering up of necessaries, and Esther, whose name Mordecai has changed to a Persian name meaning star, finds herself on the way to the palace of the king to be trained as a queen.


For all the young ladies chosen as contestants months and months of training will culminate in one night with the king. During her preparation Esther does her very best, all the while wondering, is this where God wants me to be? When her time comes will he see beneath her mere outward charms? Will he sense her devotion to truth, her commitment to excellence, her desire to serve? She prays. At last the day comes for her . . .

Moment of Truth

Dressed simply and modestly as per the king’s chamberlain’s  advise, Esther joins the ruler of the then known world king for a romantic supper for two. He is taken with her simple beauty and asks a simple question or two. Her answers please him. There is another question, more personal this time – Esther’s answer is honest and direct. More questions follow and then more yet, ever growing deeper and more probing. The providence of God enables the king to see beyond mere outward beauty. Esther’s modesty, intelligence and obvious character qualities make it a no-brainer and soon there is another banquet, a coronation and Esther now sits on the throne of the world’s leading kingdom. She is now Queen Esther.

Plots in the palace

A dream come true – and yet there is trouble afoot. Attempted assassinations, genocide plots, deadly scheming in high places soon bring Queen Esther face-to-face with a life and death decision. Shall she play it safe and hide her true identity as one of the condemned people? Or should she risk her life to intercede for them. Could it possibly be that Mordecai is right, that God has indeed brought her to this place just For Such a Time?

This filmed play about Queen Esther, although not a multi-million dollar extravaganza, has a spell-binding script that shares the story behind the story. A true tale of inspiration and courage for all who would choose to remain true to God in whatever may lie ahead…

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